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Reviews & Awards for the first book in the Archangel series:

"An exciting otherworldly thriller with an upstanding hero" —KIRKUS REVIEWS

FINALIST in Eric Hoffer Book Awards (2023)

Bronze Medalist in IPPY Awards (2023) in best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror eBook.

A special agent with something to prove. His long-lost sister trying to keep him safe from the shadows. Will they both succeed with a dark spirit threatens disaster?

Newly minted Special Agent Michael Lieberman has just received his first assignment. It’s only a smalltime surveillance op, but when his team intercepts a courier carrying smuggled goods, Michael sees his chance to prove himself and rocket his career to the top in record time.

It’s no simple smuggling ring he’s trying to infiltrate, however. There is a whole hidden world all around him that Michael knows nothing about. It’s a world of magic and spirits and very real dangers. Fortunately, though he doesn’t know it, Michael has someone watching his back: his long-lost sister Hannah.

Can Michael intercept a mysterious artifact without anyone discovering his agency affiliation? And can his sister Hannah keep him safe without revealing the mystical world—or her own identity—to her brother?

Archangel: Prelude is a brand-new prequel to the Michael Lieberman urban fantasy thriller series.

If you like hidden worlds, strange artifacts, possible international incidents and high-stakes action, then you'll love this snappy novella!

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"An engaging otherworldly thriller with an upstanding hero."


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