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About Black Mike

Black Mike is a reclusive poet, writer, artist and award-winning screenwriter. He lives mostly on the dark side of the moon but feels at home anywhere in the world. He enjoys reading and writing, preferably while traveling. When not crafting stories, he tries to pack meaning into one-line drawings and writings for posterity.

”Dan Brown, step aside. Black Mike has taken your crown with Archangel: The Book of Mammon, a compelling, action-packed fantasy thriller.”

-Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Who is Black Mike?

Poet – Writer – Artist

No one knows. Not even his—or her—publisher. He/she could be a stranger across the world, or the person next door. If you’d like to find out, look for clues in the books. But we warn you—this is not an easy case. Are you up for a real challenge? Do you have what it takes to best Michael and Sara at detective work? We’ll see!

"The author has created a world of demons and spirits that draws the reader in and doesn't let go."

Jill Barton, A LoveReading Ambassador

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Poet - writer - artist